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Best practice UX (User experience) / UI (User Interface). Two totally different skillsets, when combined, form the basis of best possible outcome to any mobile first design. UI is focused on the brand and the product, a series of snapshots in time. UX focuses on the user and their journey through the product.

To use a house design analogy to explain the importance of both; UX without UI means you’ve got a frame and structure to your house, but it’s not beautiful and cohesive. UI without UX is like splashing awesome colors and details throughout the house, but having your front door lead straight into a bathroom. You need both to create an awesome end to end experience.


Typically, UX design goes ahead of UI design, because you want to do research, broad sketches, and general workflows first. Then once you’ve got the broad strokes nailed down, you work on the UI design to bring it all together so it feels like a beautiful, well-designed product.

At CHOOSE Digital we follow a rigorous but simple process to ensure the best possible outcome is always achieved and the experience by all is both engaging and rewarding to the end user.

  • User research to identify design personas
  • Wireframes to guide Interaction Design
  • Usability testing to validate design

03 User research to identify design personas

Great design starts with listening and observing.  The biggest design tool you can leverage from this user research is empathy.

Personas provide snapshots of your user personas or roles, goals and tasks. User research answers the big questions:

  • Are we providing the right features?;
  • Do we understand user goals?;
  • Does our functionality flow the way a user wants to work?;
  • Is our content compelling and emotionally impactful?

04 Wireframes to guide Interaction Design

Prototyping forms the foundation of good Interaction Design.

  • Interaction design is at the heart of UX Design.
  • Everything we do impacts the user’s interaction with the interface and the brand.
  • To do good interaction design you need to ground your design decisions on empathy (user research) and business objectives.

At the heart of Interaction Design are the following questions:

  • How should we best support user’s tasks?;
  • What paths and sequences make the most sense for the user and the business objectives?;
  • What usability best practices should be included in the wireframe blueprint?


  • Wireframe concepts before developing or graphic design.
  • Rapidly visualise interactions, workflows and conversion paths.
  • Get early on validation and proof-of-concept of a design idea, feature or overall direction.
  • Specify wireframes so use for user testing and to guide development teams.

05 Usability testing to validate design

Usability testing answers these questions:

  • Is our design working for our users?;
  • Do users know what to do and how to do it?;
  • Are there any glaring usability issues, errors or confusions we should know about?;
  • How well are our design concepts or ideas performing for users?

Strategic Services

CHOOSE Digital’s main focus is helping to develop Online strategies for its clients to ensure that the strategy clearly identifies the objectives and outcomes the organisation wants to achieve.


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As a one-stop shop, CHOOSE Digital – Performance Marketing integration team will drive the results you want without compromising on messaging and creative execution. Driving strong return on investment.