What We Do – Strategic Services



CHOOSE Digital’s main focus is helping to develop Online strategies for its clients to ensure that the strategy clearly identifies the objectives and outcomes the organisation wants to achieve. With this in mind, clear online marketing strategies can be developed in parallel, and in support of, offline marketing strategies; to ensure these objectives are achieved and thus provide optimum results to the client. This is crucial to the long-term success of any online marketing and communication strategy as it provides a firm direction and well thought out strategies on how best to leverage your online presence.


One specific service offered by CHOOSE Digital is the development of an Interactive Roadmap. The primary objective of the Interactive Roadmap is to provide clients with an overall “go to market” strategy as well as a be the technology partner of choice for clients looking at integrating and building new systems to support their sales and marketing teams.


One major goal of our strategic services is to ensure all stakeholders contribute to, understand and agree upon the life cycle objectives for the project. This effort is of significance primarily for new development projects, in which there are major business and requirement risks that must be addressed.

04 Strategic Services Overview

The main deliverables of the strategic services are to establish the following objectives:

  • Business and communications drivers
  • Online communications objectives
  • Online competitive landscape
  • Online communication strategies – both internal and external to the company
  • Overview of technical requirements (if any)
  • Development of a full tactical schedule
  • Budget for implementing and delivering strategy over a 12-month period
  • Estimating potential risks (the sources of unpredictability)

Determining the appropriate resources and skills set required to deliver on the strategy.

Service Model

A typical engagement is divided into three discrete disciplines:

01 Strategic Services

Strategic services, which incorporate all planning, innovation and conceptual activities culminating in a living ‘Blueprint’ (or roadmap) for the client’s Digital presence. The Blueprint will then be used as the design specification for future production efforts. The “Blue print” will help define what specific resources are required to support the site moving forward.

02 Communication Services

Communication services, which address the fringe and non-core communication requirements of the project including stakeholder consultation, training and knowledge transfer.

03 Technical Services

Technical services, which address the technical infrastructure, integration and architectural capabilities and limitations.

Strategic Services

Questions that need to be asked

  • What is your interactive roadmap to the future?
  • How do you intend aligning your Internet projects with the strategic objectives of the organisation?
  • What will your site look like, feel like and behave like in three years’ time?
  • How do you intend ‘opening up’ new systems into the Internet arena – and will your site’s design structure and technical platform support these plans?
  • What major trends are going to affect your future technology investments?
  • Have you critically analysed your sites information design and overall experience from a user’s perspective?

CHOOSE Digital’s full Interactive Blueprint service addresses these issues by providing you with a thorough and detailed strategic plan for your future Digital presence. 

An Interactive Blueprint provides a detailed roadmap for the strategic use of interactive services within your organisation. The Blueprint can then be used as your master specification for future interactive development projects. It combines research, analysis, design and prototyping activities in the order described below.

Ultimately, our objective is to come up with fully prototyped and tested ideas that will help you improve customer service, attract new customers, retain existing customers, enhance your brand perception and grow your business. We use our knowledge of the major trends in interactive technology and future market behaviour trends to present a future snapshot of how your organisation can use the technology of the present and future to deliver real competitive advantage.


Two totally different skillsets, when combined, form the basis of best possible outcome to any mobile first design. UI is focused on the brand and the product. UX focuses on the user and their journey through the product.


Digital Marketing

As a one-stop shop, CHOOSE Digital – Performance Marketing integration team will drive the results you want without compromising on messaging and creative execution. Driving strong return on investment.