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We offer full-service social media management, including strategy development, content creation, community management and paid media.

We blend strategy, creativity and analytics to help you engage the right audience across the gamut of social media platforms. We constantly research your audience, your industry and your company’s role to revise your social media content and take it to the next level.

We can also support you with social media training, risk mitigation and monitoring and influencer campaigns.

Social media content management

Did you know that six hours of social media management per week can lead to a 66% increase in lead generation and a 61% improvement in search engine rankings? If you don’t have a dedicated internal social media manager to manage your company’s social media profiles, let us take that off your plate.

Our social media marketing and management experts create campaigns that are designed to improve your company’s visibility in the digital space and reach a larger audience. Our social marketing services include:

  • Content ideation and copywriting
  • Posting and moderating
  • Engagement and follower growth optimisation

Social media advertising and boosted posts

It’s one thing to have engaging social media posts, but it’s another to make sure your target audience will see them. Since social networks do not deliver as much organic reach as they used to, social marketing is necessary to ensure your followers and your new audiences are exposed to your content.

We’ll help identify and build targets to cost-effectively reach your audience on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. We’ll also ensure that across all platforms you use, your brand’s messaging will remain consistent and help your audience recognise you.

Social media workshops

Ideal for clients who want to become more socially savvy or manage their social marketing in-house, we offer bespoke social media management workshops so you can grow your company online even further. The topics we cover in our workshops range from:

  • Content best practices by platform
  • Social post formatting
  • Content calendar planning
  • Hashtagging 101
  • Engagement etiquette
  • Hands-on paid social media management
  • Reporting and benchmarking

If you are looking for an agency that can deliver leading social media marketing in Perth, look no further. CHOOSE Digital will help grow your company’s online presence – whether you require a winning social media strategy, social media content, social media advertising or social media management. Contact us today.

Let’s get started.